Sault decision to pursue open tendering a positive step forward

December 13, 2017

MPP Harris hopeful landmark vote provides local opportunities to support fair tendering

 Kitchener – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris hopes a ground-breaking decision by Sault Ste. Marie Council to pursue measures that cut through costly tendering restrictions on municipalities will provide local opportunities to offer support while addressing similar restrictions in Waterloo Region.

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Harris calls for labour review to include open- tendering – Opportunity for Minister to restore fairness, competition and sustainability

Queens Park – Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris used the first day back at the Legislature to call for government’s recently announced labour review to include open-tendering.

Harris wrote a letter to Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn, shortly before issuing a statement in the House today asking that the Minister use the review opportunity to, “finally close the legislative loophole that allows a labour monopoly to command local infrastructure tendering.”

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Help! We’re trapped in this shed and the toilet stinks

Remember Waterloo Region’s famous blue shed? Or our multimillion dollar toilet?

It’s been a couple of years since either made the news, but both are still hard at work raising your taxes and making a mockery of common sense.

The shed and toilet are evidence of how Ontario’s politically-motivated, union-friendly labour laws have forced regional taxpayers into paying a lot more than they should for publicly-funded infrastructure.

Open Letter to Regional Chair Ken Seiling re. Open Tendering

October 2, 2014

Mr. Ken Seiling
Regional Chair
1st Floor, 150 Frederick Street
Kitchener, ON
N2G 4J3


Dear Ken,

I wanted follow up with you in the wake of the developments and decisions by the Ontario Labour Board deeming the Region a “construction employer”, validating the certification by the Carpenters Union and ensuring closed tendering for local infrastructure.

First allow me applaud the Region’s challenge, and appeal to the Ontario Labour Relations Board in an attempt to both protect taxpayers and maintain a fair and open tendering process for local infrastructure projects.

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Premier ignores labour board ruling against Waterloo Region

QUEEN’S PARK — After voting against the Fair and Open Tendering Act last year, Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government refuse to take action to prevent thousands of unionized and non-unionized tradespeople in Waterloo Region from losing their right to bid and work on taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said today.

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Labour board rules against Region in Carpenters’ Union case

QUEEN’S PARK — Today, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris renewed his call to end closed tendering in Ontario after the labour board rejected the Region of Waterloo’s appeal to quash a certification application filed by the Carpenters’ Union, which, if successful, will lead to a construction monopoly over regional infrastructure projects.

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Liberals, NDP reject restoring fairness with vote against Bill 73

QUEEN’S PARK — Today, the Liberals and the NDP joined forces to advance their own partisan agendas at the expense of Ontario municipalities, local contractors and taxpayers throughout the province by voting against Bill 73, the Fair and Open Tendering Act, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris said.

“I am saddened and deeply disappointed to see that the Liberals and the NDP have taken a stand against taxpayers with their unreasonable opposition to the fair and well-researched proposal I put forward,” Harris said. “Because neither of these parties had any substantive arguments to use against Bill 73, they resorted to fear-mongering and a deliberate campaign of misinformation.” Continue reading